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Solar Sign Lights for Any Application

solar powered sign lightGuest Post by Liz Karschner

Signs inform people as well as add beauty to any business or development. These signs can be installed pretty much anywhere, but getting electric out to the site to illuminate the sign at night can sometimes be difficult. Well there is a great option available, solar powered lighting.


What are the advantages of solar powered lighting for a sign?

Solar powered sign lights can offer cost savings while providing a green alternative to standard electrical lights. The solar sign light can also be installed wherever the sign is located with no trenching or grid extension needed. Got a sign in a median; no problem. Got a sign with no electric nearby; no problem. Solar can provide the power to the fixture to light the sign at night so it is always visible.


solar powered signWhat types of lighting can solar power provide?

The solar has many different options available. Internally illuminated signs can have the solar integrated into the sign running the LED or fluorescent lamps housed within the sign cabinet along with the batteries and control electronics.


Flood lighting can also be used either integrated in the surrounding landscape or mounted directly to the sign. The solar, battery, and control electronics for the flood lights can be mounted on a pole nearby or up to 100 feet away.


Solar lights can also be used for banner signs, billboards, and kiosks. The lighting levels needed can be specified on a project to project basis as each commercial solar light is made for ever project.


Other solar sign lighting applications:

Signs that are located on a building can also be powered by solar as the solar power can be put on the roof of the building, even on a flat roof. As long as the solar panels are facing south, they can be placed just about anywhere that is convenient for the application. Even the internally illuminated signs can still be powered by solar.


Great options available for solar sign lights:

solar powered sign light philadelphiaCommercially manufactured solar sign lighting systems are built to run from dusk to dawn, but also have many control options available. Only need the sign to be lit for a couple hours a night? That is fine and even lowers the cost of the solar power as the power required is lower. The solar control electronics have many different options available, all you need to do is let the company manufacturing the solar sign light system know exactly what you require.


Commercial solar light systems are also manufactured to last on days where the sun is not as strong. The lights are made to run for days even with no sun availability due to inclement weather. The systems are also developed using winter sun hours for worst case scenarios. This produces a highly reliable light system.


So next time you require a sign to be lit, look into solar lights as the go to option. Not only will you save money from installation to electric costs, but you will also show your green initiative. Oh, and before I forget, there are Federal, State, and Local tax incentives available for any solar purchase.


About the Author: Liz Karschner is the Marketing & Social Media Manager for SEPCO and writes about the renewable energy industry, solar powered sign lights, solar power, and all things green.


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