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Box Truck Designs: Three Box Truck Wrap Designs To Knock Your Socks Off

I mentioned in a recent blog post about trailer wraps how much fun we have turning large boxes on wheels into rolling works of art. The same holds doubly true for box truck wraps and box truck designs! Turning an ugly gray-white box into a graphic masterpiece is always a fun challenge for a vehicle wrap designer. Today we continue our series on showcasing wrap design with a few different approaches to box truck designs!

box truck designs

Sailor Jerry’s: While our designers didn’t create this wrap, it is nonetheless an excellent example of a billboard on wheels style box truck wrap. Just like a static billboard, this box truck design gets the message across in a concise and visually impactful way. The large, easy to read copy and bold graphics make the box truck easy to read both sitting still and at highway speeds.

boc truck designs

DiCicco’s: This wrap was designed for a local building and contracting company. Box truck designs like these are a little more subdued, but without sacrificing elegance or readability. DiCicco’s is all about paying attention to details, and the company’s commitment to quality is reflected in the close up images shown on the wrap. Pared down graphics and clear text make box truck designs like this a hit.

box truck design

Smoothie King: Typically our box truck designs are for full wraps, but in this case we went with partial graphics for local beverage hot spot Smoothie King. This box truck design is all about color. Utilizing bight colors like orange, green, and yellow is an excellent way to turn heads, and get passers by craving something tasty!

What kind of box truck designs do you like best?  Fun graphics, tasteful photos, bright colors? Tell us about your favorite in the comments!

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