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So You Want To Be A Vehicle Wrap Designer? A Design Resource Guide

vehicle wrap designerThere are lots of reasons to be interested in vehicle wrap design: a growing market, a chance for thousands of people to see your work every day, and countless opportunities for creativity, and that's just to name a few! But if you’re a designer who is new to the world of vehicle wrap design we understand that it might seem a little daunting at first.


That’s why we’ve put together a handy resource guide covering all the ins and outs of vehicle wrap design. From the very basics to insider tricks, read on to find out everything you’ve ever wanted to know about vehicle wrap design!



Vehicle Wrap Information Kit: Think of this as an introduction to the world of vehicle wraps. You’ll learn what a vehicle wrap is, why they benefit business, and important visibility statistics.

QR Code Kit: Information about why and how to include QR codes in your vehicle wrap designs.



Vehicle Wrap 101 Webinar: Our webinar on vehicle wraps is available to watch on demand! In the webinar we included an entire section on vehicle wrap design basics. You’ll learn what makes a good wrap, what kind of information to include on a wrap, and see tons of examples!



  • 5 Steps To Vehicle Wrap Design: This post was actually written by a vehicle wrap designer detailing her process for wrap design. Our most popular blog post ever is an awesome place for beginners to learn all about the tools and tricks of the trade.
  • Common Design Mistakes: Nobody likes a bad wrap. Want to know what areas trip up designers the most? Check out this article to make sure you don’t fall into any traps.
  • Design Options: Before you can design effective raps, it’s important to know what kind of coverage options exist. This article informs you about a few different approaches to wrap design
  • Typography tips: The verbiage is arguably one of the most important design elements of a vehicle wrap. Want to make sure everything is legible and easy to read? Check out our typography tips!
  • White space: We think that white space is such an important design element we wrote an entire post about it! Check out this article to learn why shite space is your friend!


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