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Landscape Truck Wraps: Ideas for Next Season

landscape truck wrapsIf you’re in the landscaping business, the recent drop in temperatures may have you looking forward to a few months of cooler weather and less hectic days. But just because the plants are going to be dormant, doesn’t mean that your business plan has to be. Fall and winter are the perfect time of year to start planning your marketing and advertising strategy for next season. Many companies come to us for landscape truck wraps(and other vehicles) during the cold seasons so that once spring has sprung they’re all ready to go.


Why should you start your landscape truck wraps before this year’s leaves have all fallen? It may seem early to start thinking about, but once next year’s season starts and your trucks are on the road every day, pulling them out of the schedule for even  day or two of wrapping doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.


It’s much better to start thinking your landscape truck wraps now, rather than wishing you had the extra visibility in the heat of next summer. Not feeling inspired just yet? We’ve included a quick video below for a little inspiration on landscape truck wraps.


There are a lot of things that you can do with a landscape truck wrap design to make it stand apart from the other companies on the road. As you can see by the three examples in our video below there’s no limit on the creativity that you can bring to your landscape truck wraps or lettering.


One company takes a graphic illustration approach, with images of butterflies and flowers  creating the look of a lush garden. The second example simplifies the concept down to lettering, with a graphic loco and clear, easy to read text. In the third of our landscape truck wraps you’ll see a more edgy, abstract look.


Interested in getting a jump on next season’s landscape truck wraps? Contact us below!

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