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5 Reasons Vehicle Wraps Mean Great Visibility For Non-Profits

bus wrapWe recently finished up another vehicle wrap for the Animal Welfare Association of New Jersey.  The last van that we wrapped for the AWA had me pretty inspired, but seeing their second vehicle had me thinking less about kittens and more about vehicle wraps for non-profit organizations in general. We write a lot about what makes vehicle graphics suitable for various industries, and the non-profit world is no different. In fact, read on for five reasons that vehicle graphics are perfect for any charitable or non-profit organization!

Vehicle wraps are Cost effective: Depending on your organization, the advertising budget for your charity or organization can be small to non-existent.non profit vehicle wrap examples We understand that you want every dollar going directly to your cause, but you’d be surprised how a little visibility can go a long way. Vehicle wraps average out to pennies a day and last for years, offering your non-profit organization unbeatable value.

Vehicle wraps are Long Term: The long life of a vehicle wrap is another great benefit for your organization. Unlike a retail or service organization, which will have new specials and offers every few months, the primary message of your company generally stays the same. A properly cared for vehicle wrap will last for five years, which offers you a long time to build community awareness for your cause!

Vehicle Wraps are Highly Visible: Visibility is important to any organization, whether you doing business as usual or helping to make the world a better place. With 90% of people reporting that they notice vehicle wraps and vehicle graphics, a wrap is the perfect way to get the word about your organization out to the community.

awa bus wrapVehicle Wraps are Visually Compelling: Vehicle wraps are more effective when they involve graphic elements like photographs. A wrap is a valuable opportunity to use emotional imagery to really underline the message of your non-profit cause. Pictures of children, animals, or pristine wilderness are all great shorthand that will draw more eyes and create stronger impacts.  

Vehicle Wraps are Practical: If your organization already regularly uses a trailer, van, or other kind of vehicle, you have nothing to lose by wrapping it! Think of your current vehicle or fleet as a blank canvas that’s just waiting to help spread the word!

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