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Five Logo Sign Suggestions For Fictional Companies

Blogging inspiration sometimes comes from the oddest places. I was watching a rerun of one of my all time favorite shows, Arrested Development, when something in the corner of the frame caught my eye – a pretty cool conference room logo sign for the Bluth Company, a fictional real estate company on the show. For the rest of the scene, while Gob and Michael bickered, all I could think of was how fun it would be to create an office sign for one of my favorite fictional companies. Keep reading to learn about our suggestions for fictional office logo signs!

 company logo sign

The Bluth Company: The Bluth Company sign on the set was a pretty nice looking acrylic sign, but I like to think that if the Bluths stayed in business (and on the air!), they could do with a more modern looking update. I would stick with acrylic, but change the white background to a clear plexiglass. That way the sturdy looking house logo and text would stand out all the more.

 lobby logo sign

Stark Industries: When you’re creating a sign for Iron Man himself, you know that it needs to look cool. Rather than going with an acrylic or plexiglass sign material, I would opt for a custom metal laminate logo sign. Not that Tony Stark needs any additional cool, but I think something in a sleek black aluminum laminate would be just the touch for his lobby signage.

 foam logo sign

Duff Beer: Ah Duff, who hasn’t wanted to take a sip of Homer Simpson’s brew of choice? For a fun, inviting logo, I would go with a simple foam logo and letter sign mounted to the lobby wall. Using a lightweight, easy to work with material like sign foam is a good idea once Homer shows up for the tour and comic mishaps inevitably ensue.

carved signWonka Candy Company: Okay, so Willy Wonka’s logo is technically used to brand real chocolate bars, but what if we were working directly with the fictional fellow himself? Since the logo is such a fun shape, I would suggest a carved or routed sign painted in all the wild shades of purple Mr. Wonka could design. When you have a river of chocolate in your corporate HQ, a dimensional sign can really help your branding to stand out.


cast metal signGringotts Bank: I don’t know if I would go so far as to call our signs magical, but I think that a cast metal wall sign would definitely achieve the desired effect. A cast metal logo sign in a bronze or brass finish would add an extra touch of class to the wizarding bank, and the durable material would last through any unexpected dragon attacks.


What’s your favorite fictional company? What kind of sign do you think they’d have? Get creative in the comments!


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