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10 Things Everyone Should Know About Vehicle Wrap Advertising

vehicle advertisingOne of the challenges of of the vehicle advertising industry is awareness. Sure, vehicle wraps and car graphics are growing in popularity every day, but in the grand scheme of advertising, vehicle wraps are a relatively new phenomenon. As a result, when people call or e-mail us to ask about vehicle wrapping, they normally have a lot of questions for us. So in the name raising of vehicle advertising education and awareness, today we're listing 10 things you need to know before you start a vehicle advertising campaign.


  1. Your vehicle wrap design is important. You may think it's easy to slap a logo decal on your company car and call it a day, but the best and most attention getting wraps are created by experienced, professional vehicle wrap designers. Don't believe me, check out this article on the perils of distracting vehicle wrap design.

  2. Your vehicle wrap will be cost effective, but it shouldn't be cheap. Just like any other industry, vehicle advertising can vary in quality, and it's often worth it to wonder why one company is offering you an unbelievable price. Cheap wraps can cause more trouble than they're worth. Need evidence? Our post on cheap vehicle wraps can provide you with some eye-opening and convincing photos.

  3. Your vehicle advertising is both long-lasting and completely removable. A well cared for and properly installed vehicle wrap will come with a warranty of about five years. Half a decade later, your car wrap can be easily removed, leaving the surface beneath as good as new. Learn about the whole process by checking out our post on vehicle wrap removal.

  4. A little vehicle wrap care goes a long way. Avoid automatic car washes, use a non-abrasive soap, and throw on some wrap polish once a year, and your wrap will stay shiny and brand-new looking throughout it's entire life. Wondering why vehicle wraps and car washes shouldn't mix? We explain it in more detail after the link above.

  5. Your vehicle advertising can be high tech. Including a QR code code in your vehicle wrap is a fantastic way to reach out to potential clients or customers with contact information, coupons, or special offers. This post about vehicle wrap QR codes will enlighten anyone who hasn't heard of these amazing scan-able codes yet.

  6. You don't have to go out of your way for your vehicle wrap to create a big impact. Just because you have a vehicle wrap doesn't mean you now need to use more gas than ever cruising for leads. Read how this Pancheros branch increased their sales simply by using their truck wrap for a daily commute and errands around town.

  7. Your vehicle advertising can and should be linked with online marketing campaigns. Including some social media information in your wrap can turn followers on the road into followers on twitter and fans on facebook. Here are a few creative ideas about how to better incorporate vehicle wraps and social media!

  8. Your advertising and branding can be wrapped around any kind of vehicle. Vehicle wraps aren't limited to commercial vans or trailers, just about anything on wheels can be wrapped. Unusual wraps tend to get even more attention! Why not consider a mini wrap, or a PT cruiser wrap, or an Audi wrap...

  9. Your vehicle advertising should be clear legible. This should be a no-brainer, but I can't tell you how many vehicle wraps don't pass the seven seconds or less test. A vehicle wrap design should be easy to read whether it's parked or zooming past you at 75 mph..

  10. Your vehicle wrap should include emotional and evocative graphics. I don't mean that your graphics should bring every passer by to tears, but they should evoke some sort of an emotional reaction. Unsure what kinds of graphics get the best response? Turn of this personal favorite vehicle graphics post for some inspiration.


Hopefully this post has answered a few of your burning questions about vehicle advertising. Still curious about vehicle wraps? Tell us what you want to know in the comments, or contact us at any time!

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