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Taking It All Off: Are Vehicle Wraps Removable?

Posted on Fri, Jul, 29, 2011

vehicle wrap removalRemember that episode of Modern family, where a seemingly innocent real estate wrap goes awry? There’s a fun comic set piece wherein Phil, owner of the offending wrap, realizes his mistake and desperately tries to claw the graphics off of his van before his wife and children see the awkward ad. Phil’s desperation got me thinking about vehicle wrap removal. It’s a common question when people are considering vehicle wrap advertising, are vehicle wraps removable? The answer is yes, and in today’s post we’ll tell you how to remove a vehicle wrap.

As long as the vinyl hasn’t been left on for years past it’s original warranty (ours is five years) and it wasn’t applied directly after the vehicle was painted (always wait at least 3 weeks!), your wrap can be removed without any damage to the paint job underneath. Wrap removal has three basic stages; heat, details, and clean up.

The heat stage of removal basically consists of one of our installers and a blow torch. Starting at an edge or a seam, the vinyl is lightly heated with the flame, and then pulled off of the vehicle. Getting the amount of heat right is somewhat of a science, too much and you’re left with a bubbling, smoking, burnt mess that will be even more difficult to remove, and too little heat means the vinyl won’t come off. Our installers have lots of experience in removal, and are great at using just the right amount of heat.

Once the large patches of vinyl are removed, we move on to what I call the detail stage. This involves using a rubber squeegee, and again a torch if necessary, to get rid of any smaller pieces of vehicle wrap vinyl that are stubbornly holding on. This stage is important when we’re dealing with vehicle graphics or partial wraps that involve small decals.

car wrap removalAfter all of the vinyl  is removed, we move on to the cleaning stage of removal. The vinyl will leave behind a sticky residue that needs to be removed before the car can be rewrapped or driven away. The adhesive residue is aggressive stuff, and won’t come off with simple soap and water. We wipe everything down with a powerful chemical removal in order to leave your car as clean and bright as the day it was first wrapped.

Keep in mind that because of the knowledge and experienced required, not to mention the combination of fire and specialized chemicals, we recommend that you have your vehicle wrap removed by a professional. Want to see a little vehicle wrap removal in action? Check out the video below, which features some vinyl removal from a Mini Cooper wrap.

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