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Lightning Fast Custom Car Decals For A Corvette

Posted on Wed, Jul, 13, 2011

corvette decalsAt Sunrise Signs, we don’t get a lot of walk ins. The highly custom nature of our industry means that we don’t have signs, vehicle wraps, and graphics just sitting on shelves in the back pre made. People don’t wander in, say “I’d like an extra large van wrap, two banner stands, and one lobby sign to go, please” and simply hand over some cash. Designing and creating signs and vehicle graphics takes collaboration, consultation, and production time.

Of course just because walk-in clients are a rarity, doesn’t mean that we don’t occasionally get them. And sometimes it sure does feel great to just get a job done from start to finish in twenty minutes....

Take this morning, for instance. A local gentleman read our article in the Courier Post and thought that maybe we could solve a car decals problem for him. He drove up in a bright blue Corvette Z06 and brought with him a simple pattern for some decals he wanted applied to the car. He said that he had been talking to vehicle wrap companies all over South Jersey and none of them were able to create the decals he needed. He wanted to know, what was so complicated about the little arrow decals? Was there any way we could create what he needed as a vinyl decal and apply it to his car? Would we be able to apply the decals before his next car show?

Our production manager extraordinaire, Todd took one look at the patterns and said, “I can do it for you right now!” Todd helped the man choose a color of stock vinyl, and then he got to work with our scanner and plotter to create the vinyl decals for the car. Less than a half hour later, the happy customer was on his way out the door, but not before he took a minute to express how grateful he was that we had managed to just do the job.

It seems that the other wrap companies he talked to were either too afraid to touch the gorgeous ride or thought that the job was too small to bother with. One company told him that because the vehicle had curves they weren’t sure they would be able to align the decals correctly. That had us flabbergasted. Any vehicle wrap or car decal is going to involve some curves, and our installers navigate them just fine!  Just about any experienced vinyl installer could have applied these swiftly and accurately.

It may not be the sort of thing we do every day, but it was nice to see a project go from start to finish in the time it takes to drink my morning coffee.  Watching the satisfied customer roll away in his newly decaled car was a great reminder that no job is too big or too small to be treated as important.

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(note: vehicle is not pictured in our production facility!)

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