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How Are Vinyl Decals Made? For Walls, Windows, Doors, Vehicles, and Beyond!

vinyl window decalsThis morning I arrived at Sunrise HQ to find an exciting addition to our new office space: window decals!  It always takes a while to get settled into a new home, but with our logo now proudly and boldly displayed to all who enter, the space is really starting to feel like it’s ours! Since I’ve been looking at window decals all day, they naturally inspired a blog post. Ever wondered how vinyl decals are made? Read on…

  1. Design: The first step in every project is deciding what you want the vinyl decals to look like! Whether you have an existing logo in mind or you’re starting from scratch, our designers will create something to suit your needs.
  2. Print: If your decals are more than one color or if we’re color matching a very specific shade we print them on our wide format printer. If your decals are a single color we skip right to step 3.
  3. Plot: After we have the vinyl printed or your single color of vinyl chosen, we run the decals through the plotter. The machine reads a cut file of your design and configures a path to cut out the pieces of vinyl that you’ll be using with a blade on a moving head.
  4. Weed: Once your pieces are printed and plotted, it’s time to remove the excess material in preparation for installation. Weeding is what we call the careful removal of all the vinyl that isn’t being used in your design. In order to weed we need an exacto knife, a good set of eyes, and, if you’re working with a tricky serif font, a lot of patience.
  5. Mask: After we’ve weeded your vinyl and all that’s left is the design we cover the front of the vinyl with a layer of very low tac masking tape. Masking allows us to peel the backing off of the vinyl while keeping everything in the design together. This way we don’t have to stick on every letter individually and everything says aligned.
  6. Apply: During installation we choose a part of the design to act as a level, and tape each side of the design to the window, wall, door, or vehicle that it is being applied to. Then we use a hinge of masking tape along the back, which allow us to apply the decal one side at a time.  If you’re confused by this explanation, check out the video below, which shows how we apply decals to a car.
  7. Enjoy!

Interested in learning more about vinyl decals? Shoot us a comment or contact us at any time!

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