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Vehicle Wrap Trend Debate: Custom Chrome Wraps

Posted on Sat, May, 28, 2011

chrome mercedes slrEarlier this week I saw a video (embeded below) featuring the first chrome wraps done in the Chezch Republic. The video showcases a really interesting trend that's sweeping across custom vehicle wrap shops all over the world: chrome vinyl wraps. Like it's matte cousin, chrome car wraps are primarily used for customizing personal cars to really make them (sorry for the pun!) shine.

Why would anyone get a chrome wrap? The biggest reason is that chrome vinyl is far less expensive than indivudally dipping body panels in real chrome. The temporary nature of the vinyl actually becomes an asset if you're ever looking to resell the car. Sure, using real chrome allows you increase the asking price, but the hyper shiny look isn't always for everyone. If a potential buyer is skeptical about the brilliant finish, it may help when you assure them that the original paint is still pristine and protected under the removable vinyl.

A custom chrome wrap is definitely a lot of look. Personally I think that I prefer the more subdued matte wraps to the shining spectacle of chrome. You'd need sunglasses just to look at it in the summer! Though I will admit that the silver chrome can look incredible on the right car, the video below being a great example.

I've weighed in, now what about you? Of the various custom wraps that we've written about; matte (black, white, or colored), glow in the dark, or chrome, what's your favorite? Let's get a discussion going in the comments!

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