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Office Space Inspiration From Facebook, Twitter, and Google

Twitter is pretty awesome. You can use it for chatting with friends, connecting with industry colleagues, and staying up to date with what's happening second by second across the globe. Twitter can also be a source of inspiration, which is what I tell myself when I get distracted by cool logo designs or the latest celebrity gossip. Today's distraction actually did prove to be pretty inspiring, as I found this awesome list of “creative and modern office spaces around the world.” I originally clicked the link to see if any of these amazing office spaces were making use of vinyl graphics, which we often recommend as a way to transform your office space. I wasn't disappointed!

Seeing these amazing spaces from around the world actually was pretty inspiring, so I decided to do a little more research. I looked into the office spaces of three of the coolest companies I can think of, Facebook, Twitter, and Google, to see if these creative corporate giants had any inspiration to offer. Without further ado, here are three ways to jazz up your office space like these amazing companies.

offices facebook

Facebook: I love this physical wall at Facebook head quarters. It's awesome that the company encourages employees to express themselves off line as well as on! If you want a similarly cool wall in your office, consider applying dry erase vinyl. The material works just like a white board, only we can print it with logo designs and stick it to just about anything. We can wrap fridges, walls, conference tables, or anything else your employees might want to scribble their ideas on!

offices twitter

Twitter: I love these bird graphics on a wall at Twitter HQ. This is a perfect example of branding acting in harmony with physical space. Based on the images that I saw, it looks like these graphics are in many rooms at the twitter offices, which creates a great flow between rooms. Adding graphics like these to your office is easy! They're customizable, removable, and can be a simple way to improve the look and feel of any office space.

offices google

Google: I love the way that the google letter logo has been incorporated into the architecture of the company's London offices. Playing with the scale of something as simple as a letter logo can have a big impact on your office space. I'm not saying that you should incorporate your logo into the architecture, but an over sized lobby sign can go a long way in making your branding pop.

Which company's office space do you love the most? Let us know in the comments!

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