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Do Free Vehicle Wrap Templates Really Exist and Should You Use Them?

Posted on Wed, May, 18, 2011

free vehicle wrap templatesIf there is one thing you can find on the internet, it is tons of free or "freemium" stuff.  The question is when it comes to free vehicle wrap templates, do they really exist and should you use them?  Here are some thoughts to consider.

We've seen it all when it comes to vehicle wrap templates.  Each have their pros and cons.  Our personal favorites right now are the templates from Art-Station.

The key with vehicle wraps templates are level of detail and the accuracy of the vehicle measurements.

The level of detail includes properly notating items such as body molding, and places on the vehicle which have deep channels.

The accuracy of the measurements is critical.  We've seen some templates vary from as much as a foot or two.  Those types of variances can throw a vehicle wrap completely out of whack and make for some not so nice words being muddled under your breath!

This brings me back to the question of if free vehicle wrap template really exist?  I would tell you that so far we haven't come across any.  More importantly based on the necessary accuracy I would not touch them with a ten foot pole!

Remember folks, even the best of vehicle wrap templates have you designing on a 2D surface for a 3D object.  To ensure you have it right, always partner with an experienced vehicle wrap company.  They have the knowledge that even the best template cannot provide.


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