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Vehicle Wrap Spotlight: Matte Trailer Wrap for Rock It DJ Entertainment

Who doesn't love a good party? Rock It Entertainment is a local entertainment company that specializes in bringing amazing music, energy, and fun to events of all kinds. So when Andrew, Rock It owner and DJ extraordinaire contacted us to wrap his equipment trailer, we knew that it would be fun job.

full matte trailer wrap

Rock It is constantly on the road, playing at events from Philadelphia to New York. With so much time spent on the road, turning their trailer into a billboard on wheels made perfect sense for Andrew and his crew. Once he's at his events, Andrew also makes sure to park the trailer somewhere prominent. This way he can achieve maximum visibility – guests who are coming and going will remember who provided their good time. Even passers who weren't lucky enough to be invited to the event will still notice the awesome wrap and maybe start planning their next party.

matte wrap

The graphics are a great representation of the rockin' energetic atmosphere that the company aims for at their events. The copy on the trailer wrap keeps it simple and to the point with a list of services and some easy to remember contact information. With its cool black, purple, and aqua color scheme, the full trailer wrap is definitely going to stand out on the road.full trailer wrap

Another cool feature of this trailer wrap is that rather than our usual glossy vinyl wraps, this is a matte wrap! To achieve the matte look we printed the wrap on our usual 3m vinyl material and then used a matte laminate. Aside from looking incredibly cool, the matte finish has the added benefit of being glare resistant. That way when fans flock to Andrew with their cameras after a particularly great event, the flash wont cause any glare on the graphics, allowing his logo maximum visibility.

What do you think - are you a fan of the printed matte wrap look? Let us know in the comments!

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