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The 7 Deadly Sins of Vehicle Wrap Design and Installation

I don't know if it's left over from the recent set of religious holidays, or the fact that I watched Se7en over the weekend, but something in the air has me thinking about sin. Specifically sins committed by vehicle wrap designers and installers. Vehicle wraps are amazingly effective advertising tools, as long as designers and installers don't fall prey to the traps and temptations of mortal vehicle wrap sin. Want to know which vehicle wrap rules we live by? Read on to check out the seven deadly sins of vehicle wraps...

air pubbles

Thou shalt not leave bubbles or wrinkles in the vinyl: A well installed vehicle wrap should be as smooth as paint and twice as eye-catching. It's impossible to lust after the beauty of a vehicle wrap when they're covered in unsightly air bubbles and wrinkles!

Thou shalt not leave visible seams: Wraps are installed in panels that are up to 52” wide, which means that occasionally seams become an issue. There are plenty of ways to install a virtually seamless vehicle wrap. Only an installer who doesn't take any pride in his or her work would leave gaping or awkwardly overlapping seams.

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Thou shalt not covet thy competitors vehicle wrap design: It's okay to look to your competition or others in your industry for inspiration, but full on copying a car wrap design? Not a good idea. Don't let your envy get the best of you – after working with one of our experienced designers your branding will be twice as effective.

Thou shalt not rush an installation: A lazy, slothful, or un-certified vehicle wrap installer will skip important steps like priming or post heating. This can lead to all sorts of problems down the road with material peeling right off the vehicle! Yikes!

Thou shalt not overstretch or overheat the vinyl: Vinyl is made for gentle stretching and heating, that's how it fits over the curves of your vehicle. It doesn't matter if the installer is having the worst day in the world, never take your wrath out on the vinyl! Over stretching and over heating lead to truly hideous discoloration.vehicle wrap sins

Thou shalt not over design: A vehicle wrap is a high impact mobile billboard, and as such needs to be easy to read whether its sitting in a parking lot or zipping down I95. Including a glut of design elements, as cool as they may look on a computer screen, is the worst thing a designer can do to a vehicle wrap. Keep it simple and the leads will come pouring in.

Thou shalt not use knock-off materials: There's a reason that companies like 3M, Avery, and Oracal are industry leaders when it comes to vehicle wrap materials – they're the best. Cheaper knock-off materials will tear and simply don't have the same life span as a premium vinyl. Wrap companies that are greedy for higher profit margins won't be feeling so swell when half their customers return with torn, faded wraps after a few months.

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