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Political Campaign Election Advertising: Candidate Vehicle Wraps

Election Vehicle Wrap designsFrom a lapel button to a mudslinging television commercial, there are a huge variety of ways that people make their political opinions known through advertising. The kind of campaign signage we've become most familiar with here are candidate yard signs. You know the ones, they sprout up every couple of years and incite miniature wars between opinionated neighbors. Still, after the initial intrigue of finding out your neighbor's political opinions, lawn signs do tend to blend in to the neighborhood landscape by election day. But a political campaign vehicle wrap? That's something that people will definitely take notice of.

We were approached by the campaign to elect Vincent Johnson for judge in Philadelphia to create a partial vehicle wrap for the campaign. We've been firm believers for some time that vehicle wraps make excellent campaign advertising, and we were excited for the chance to test our theory.Full Vehicle Wraps for Election Campaign

Political campaign vehicle wraps are created using vinyl that is meant to be temporary rather than the usual long-lasting material we use for other wraps. This means that once the campaign is over, your wrap is fully and easily removable. (Unless you want to leave it on for a couple of extra weeks to gloat!)

So why are vehicle wraps a great idea for political advertising? Political campaigns, especially those for local municipal elections, are all about getting the word out. Sure a billboard is a great way to advertise your candidate, but a billboard is also static. What if your target demographic never passes by?

The mobility of vehicle wraps really shines when incorporated into political campaign. Not only do you have an eye-catching billboard, but you can take it into the neighborhoods and communities where you're targeting voters. It's a classic example of bringing your message to the people.

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