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Quiz: What Should A Vehicle Wrap Do For Your Business?

van wrapA vehicle wrap can do a lot of things; it can be a mobile billboard, it can act as a coupon, it can be an extension of your brand, or it can become a part of your company's identity. But you probably know this already because we blog about it constantly. What you might not know is what a vehicle wrap could be doing for your company. For your business specifically. We want to help you answer that question a little more, and so we've put together a little quiz to help you determine how you can make a vehicle wrap work for your business. Up for a little multiple choice fun? Read on...


1. Where do you spend most of your work day?

A. I'm always on the road making deliveries or service calls!

B. I tend to spend my days at various job sites around town.

C. I'm always in the same location.

D. At one of our many, many national franchise locations.


2. How important is your vehicle when it comes to business?

A. Hugely! Being on the road is a big part of what I do!

B. It's pretty important, I spend a lot of time driving between job sites or appointments.

C. Not really important at all. Most of our business happens at our location.

D. The fleet is only a small part of my multi-national conglomerate, but it serves a key purpose.



3. What is the brand recognition of your company like?

A. Minimal, we're still trying to find a way to get our name to out there.

B. It's good, we're very well known in our area.

C. People are only familiar with our biggest service.

D. I'm more well known than Coca-Cola, Apple, and Disney combined.


4. How do you feel about social media?

A. I get that it's important, but I haven't jumped on the bandwagon yet. 

B. Love it! It's the future of business!

C. We have a facebook page and an occasionally updated twitter account. 

D. Why don't you ask one of my 2,000,000, followers on twitter?


5. Would you like to generate more leads?

A. Absolutely!

B. Definitely!

C. You bet!

D. Sure!



trailer wrapIf you answered mostly A's..

You should use your vehicle wrap to increase your company's visibility and strengthen its branding. If you're a new or smaller business, the more exposure your business gets, the better! Think of your wrap as a giant, mobile business card. Time on the road turns into productive advertising time. With all the added exposure and leads you'll be generating, you'll be adding more vehicles to the fleet and money to your coffers in no time!

qr code truckIf you answered mostly B's... 

You should use your vehicle wrap to provide added value to your customers through offers, specials, and coupons. A great way to do this is through adding a QR code to your wrap that people can scan for a discount or a special offer. You can also add your twitter handle to your wrap to gain followers on and off the road. Or incorporate your wrap into a scavenger hunt among your facebook fans. Or...

billboard vehicle wrapIf you answered mostly C's...  

Your should use your vehicle wrap as a billboard or temporary event signage. Maybe your business is confined to one location at all times, or maybe your vehicle just isn't a huge part of what you do. That doesn't mean that your company can't benefit from a vehicle wrap. Wrap a box truck and park it in a highly visible area of your parking lot to act as a billboard. You can also do a temporary wrap on a rented truck to serve as event advertising. These are great ways to let people know about special events or different services that you offer. A strategic parking job increased one client's profits by 22% in just a few weeks!


bmw wrapIf you answered mostly D's...

You should use your vehicle wraps to brand your franchise fleet. Okay, so you're part of a HUGE company with an advertising budget the size of a small country's entire GDP - why should you bother with vehicle wraps? Well, you probably got to be that big by being very savvy about marketing and knowing that in order to be big, you have to stay in front of people. A franchise fleet wrap is a great way to keep up your omnipresence in the marketplace. Plus vehicle wraps are the most cost effective form of advertising, leaving plenty left over in your budget for other campaigns and world domination.

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