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How To Turn Your Vehicle Wrap Into A Call To Action

A call to action is a common technique used on websites to engage visitors to buy, download, or somehow generate lead information. Calls to action are an important tool in web design, but they have a place in the offline world as well. You see them on signs and in business printing all the time, so why not on a vehicle wrap? Incorporating a call to action in  your car wrap is a great way to increase phone calls and visits to your website. Read on for a five ways to inspire action with your wrap.

try it1. Action verbs: Sometimes a call to action is as easy as adding a few verbs to your vehicle wrap design. Instead of simply including a phone number, try “Call us at 555-5555!” or “Schedule your appointment at 555-5555!” It seems too simple to be true, but sometimes a gentle nudge in the right direction is all that new client needs.

2. Solve a problem: This is a technique you see with tv commercials all the time, you’re shown a problem and told how a particular company’s product or service is the solution. Do you do computer repairs? Show a picture of a broken computer monitor. Use a graphic to remind people of something that needs to be fixing or solving, and offer the answer. 

qr code wrap3. QR codes: The easiest way to emulate a web call to action is to literally make your vehicle wrap clickable with a QR code. Using a QR code on  your wrap has the added benefit of being automatically able to capture the potential customer’s lead information, just like a form submission on your website. Another benefit to putting a QR code on your wrap is the flexibility – you can link the code to your facebook friend page, a video, your twitter account, some simple contact information… the options are endless!

4. Special offer:  Using your wrap to add value to your customer’s experience is easy and effective. Include an offer that’s exclusive to your wrap in the design, something like, “Mention seeing us on the road and receive 10% off your next purchase.” The customer feels like he or she is getting something special while you’re gaining new clientele at every stop sign.

 vehicle wraps5. Stand out: Any offer or call to action on your vehicle should stand out. Use bold or contrasting colors, white space, a particular area of the vehicle, or a really cool graphic… talk to you designer about how to best incorporate the call to action into your wrap design. Make sure that the call to action falls on a good location on the vehicle once installed. The partial wrap on the left is a great example of an offer that can't be missed.


Do you have more ideas for using your vehicle wrap to inspire action? Tell us about them in the comments!

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