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Vehicle Wrap Design: Three Approaches to Pick Up Truck Wraps

Ah, the mighty pickup truck: an American classic. A powerful pickup truck is useful in nearly any industry, from contracting to catering, and we find ourselves wrapping a lot of them. Truck wraps are always fun because while the basic cab + bed structure of the trucks rarely changes, the designs always end up being unique. Today we’re celebrating trucks and truck wrap design by examining three approaches to pickup truck wraps...

solar power truck wrapPartial, yet powerful: This partial solar company wrap that we did for Suntricity is a great example of saying a lot with a little vinyl. These graphics are the essence of simiplicity, and orange shape that evokes a rising sun, coupled with lettering an a small logo graphic.

The lettering gets the basic information across while the sun shape serves as a super bright attention-getter. This wrap is a great example of juxtaposing a few simple elements with white space for maximum effect.  

delete my trash truck3/4 graphics, 100% style: Many partial truck wraps focus on either the cab or bed space of the truck, so it’s refreshing to see a partial wrap that radiates out from the center.

This trash company truck wrap uses bright colors and abstract shapes that work with the body of the truck to create an appealing look. The wrap flows around the wheel well and fades out with a fun graphic look. The eye-catching combination dark green and orange will certainly inspire second glances.  

patterned full truck wrapLoud and proud: A patterned wrap is always a bold choice, and it definitely works for this Pancheros franchise truck wrap.

People are used to seeing vehicles in solid colors, and most are fairly used to lettering or images at this point, but a full vehicle wrap in a crazy pattern is sure to be noticed by even the most oblivious drivers. This particular truck wrap was increasing business for its franchise owners within two weeks!

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