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5 Benefits To Getting 3M Clear Bra Protection For Your Car

Posted on Wed, Mar, 30, 2011

clear bra protectionOwning a luxury or classic car can be something of a catch 22. The best part of owning a beautiful, high performance car is hitting the open road and seeing what your engine is capable of. Unfortunately, actually driving the car can mean devaluing your investment by exposing your pristine piece of automotive art to the hazards of the road. Clear bra protection, a vinyl substrate created by 3m is the perfect answer to this age old problem. Dubious? Here are 5 benefits to getting clear bra car protection:

clear braOne word: protection. The clear bra reduces paint chips and scratches, as well as damage from bugs, sap, or other common sources of abrasion. The material is surprisingly strong, as seen in this consumer test.

Increase your trade in value. Even if you’re not driving around in a million dollar sports car, it’s always a good idea to protect your investment in a car or truck. Clear bra film can keep your car looking brand new!

3m clear bra protective filmThe film is virtually invisible, which allows the beauty of your car to remain intact. Older protective coverings were made of thick black vinyl and while they may have protected your car, they also hid it! The clear bra film is clear and barely noticeable.

No change in car maintenance. We don’t recommend taking a car with a clear bra through an automatic carwash, but if you’re serious about car care, you weren’t going to do that anyway. The product that we use, 3m clear bra protection, can be hand washed and waxed over just like any other surface on your car.

clear bra car protection5 year warranty. Once installed, the clear bra has a warranty of 5 years, which means 5 stress-free years, during which you won’t have to worry about every little rock or bug that you meet on the road.


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