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How to Effectively Collaborate With A Vehicle Wrap Designer

It is extremely important for vehicle wrap design to be a collaborative process. A well-installed, properly cared for wrap will last under warranty for five years, which is a long time to be driving around in something you’re unhappy with or something that doesn’t make your company look good. Of course, sometimes communicating your ideas to a designer can be tricky. For people who aren’t familiar with the ins and outs of graphic design it can be hard to articulate your thoughts on a given look, other than “love it” or “hate it.”

We recently finished up a partial truck wrap for Frank’s Landscaping Company that went through several design incarnations. When Frank came to Todd, one of our designers, he knew that he wanted green and black to be the most prominent colors in the wrap. Green to represent his landscaping business and black because it was a partial wrap on a black truck. He also thought it might be nice to incorporate grass into the design.

f250 truck wrap

After seeing Todd’s first design, Frank had a much better idea of what he wanted and didn’t want. The floral and plant motifs were appropriate for a landscaping company, but they didn’t have the edge that Frank was looking for. Todd suggested that Frank look around the internet and send him a few pictures of the sort of wraps he did like. Armed with a few inspirational photos and a better idea of what Frank didn’t want, Todd got to work on a second design.

f250 truck wrap

The second incarnation of the Frank’s Landscaping wrap was definitely a better match for Frank’s business. The abstract leafy vine graphics get the point across without being too flowery, and the angled lines of green give the truck a streamlined look. What can we learn from Frank’s amazing looking landscape wrap?

  1. Research: Look around the internet for other wraps that have been created for companies in your industry. This can be a great way to get a feel for your personal design preferences.
  2. Feel free to change your mind: Frank thought that he might like a grassy look, but ended up deciding against it. You’ll be driving around in your wrap for years, so speak up if you change your mind about something while the wrap is still in the design process.
  3. Be patient: If you don’t like the first design, it’s okay. Just be patient, try to communicate a little more clearly, and know that you’ll get to something you love eventually.

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