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Cause Awareness: Three Vehicle Wraps For The Greater Good

Posted on Thu, Mar, 10, 2011

Yesterday I talked about a UNICEF campaign to spread awareness about landmine victims using vinyl decals. Today’s blog post is along a similar theme: using vehicle wraps to spread awareness about various causes. We spend so much time talking about how wraps can benefit business, I thought it would be nice to see how the medium provides visibility in other areas. These three cause awareness wraps all have big things to say in different, and effective ways…

breast cancer awareness wrap resized 600Breast Cancer Awareness Wrap: I was touched when I read this beautiful story about a the Tulsa Police Department wrapping one of their squad cars pink in order to commemorate a fellow officer and show support for breast cancer research. The Tulsa Fire Department also wrapped a pink fire truck to show support for the cause.

By wrapping such iconic looking vehicles, the support of the police and firemen in Tulsa will definitely drum up awareness for the search for a cure.

bus_graphicsAutisim Awareness Airport Bus Graphics: Last spring we were lucky enough to participate in Autism Awareness Month by creating bus graphics Autism Speaks partnered with several large retail organizations to raise money and awareness, and we were contacted by Avistar Fastrack Airport Parking to brand their terminal buses.

These smaller graphics on these buses are a good example that simple graphics creating a big effect!

bus wrapEndangered Species Bus Wraps: We wrote about these endanger buses in San Francisco a few months ago, but for those of you who missed that article, I’ll recap. These buses were part awareness campaign and part mobile art project to promote education about endangered species in the Bay area.

The graphics are made up of beautiful, larger than life photos of the endangered animals and have very little text. The gorgeous images paired with a simple url was all it took to get people interested in clicking!


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