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Vehicle Wrap Myths: Vehicle Graphics Does Not Mean Flames

While typing up a recent estimate for a landscaping company I was amused to see the phrase “no flames!!!” included in the notes. Curious about the need for three exclamation points, I asked why the notes were so specific. Since the company wasn't called Scorched Earth Landscaping Inc. leaving out flames seemed like it should have been a no-brainer.

It turns out that we weren't the first company this particular landscaper had come to for a vehicle wrap design, but we were the first that was able to restrain ourselves from incorporating flames into his design. It's a cute story, but it points to a trend that we sadly see a lot in vehicle graphics. The idea that one design or style fits all companies is one that we're trying to leave in the dust, or in this case, the ashes.

Motifs that are popular for personal vehicles, like flames or pinstripes, don't necessarily look as “cool” when they're on a wrap for a landscaper or a pool maintenance company. A vehicle wrap design is an extension of your company's branding, and as such, should fit in with the look and feel that you've already established. If your branding already involves fire and racing stripes, great, but if not, maybe try and steer clear of those often over-used looks.

If you need inspiration for cool vehicle wraps that still totally fit their company's branding and message, check out vehicle wrap of the for examples from all over the world. Or just scroll down for a few of our personal favorites...

njam partial van wrap

full vehicle wrap

partial vehicle wrap


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