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Vehicle Wraps 101: To Window Perf or Not, That is the question?

 bus wrapWindow perf is the most misunderstood of vehicle wrap materials. The material is pretty amazing, allowing clear window graphics without losing natural light or the ability see out from the other side. Unfortunately, many drivers get nervous around the stuff, afraid that their vision will be impaired while driving. There’s no need to be afraid, read on and we’ll expel some myths about vehicle wrap and explain when you should use perforated window material on your vehicle wrap…

You should get window perf…

If you’re getting a full vehicle wrap, window perf is almost always included. The material allows your graphics to look amazing on the outside of the car, while allowing the driver to still see safely out of the windows. Definitely a win-win situation. If you’re getting a full vehicle wrap, we almost always recommend it.

car wrapMany people are concerned that they won’t be able to see clearly out of window perf, which isn’t the case. When laminated with an optically clear laminate the material even stands up to rain and snow. We always laminate our perforated materials (and everything else)!

Some people also have concerns about curling, which is another window perf myth. Curling can be prevented in two ways. You can either prime the edges of the windows or cut back ¼” around the material and use optically clear sealing tape for an extra strong bond.

window perfYou shouldn’t get window perf…

Window perf does so much to expand the available space for graphics that there aren’t many situations where we don’t recommend it. In fact we had a hard time coming up with an example until we considered the vehicle wrap that’s currently going on in the shop today for a driving school. Perforated materials may not distract an experienced driver, but we all agreed that when it comes to inexperienced 16 year olds, it was probably a rare instance of no perf being a good thing.

If you still don’t believe the impact that window perf can have on a vehicle wrap, check out the video below of a recent bus wrap that we did. The huge windows made for a lot of perforated material, and we even took some video from the inside of the bus  as the perf was being applied. If a camera in a poorly lit workshop can see through the material, chances are you can too.


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