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When Trouble Strikes: Vehicle Wrap Accident Repair to the Rescue!

vehicle wrap accident repairDid you know that your vehicle wrap can give your commercial car super powers? There's the ability to transform into a mobile billboard, the ability to expand your branding beyond the reach of other ordinary companies, and of course, the ability to look really, really cool... Unfortunately, the technology has not yet been developed for a vehicle wrap to grant your car super strength, and your wrap can be damaged in a car accident.

We certainly hope that you and your wrap aren’t injured out on the road, but you might be happy to know that damaged vehicle wraps and car decals can be easily repaired!

Because vehicle wraps are printed and installed in panels, it makes repairing vehicles that have only been damaged in one or two areas (like a door or the bumper) very easy. We simply have to reprint the affected panel and reinstall it once your vehicle has been repaired.

batman vehicle wrapIf your graphics have been on the car for a long period of time, we might have to do some color correcting of the original file to make sure that the new graphics match your old ones exactly. Sometimes car decals that have been exposed to the sun for long periods of time can fade, and we’ll do our best to correct for that in your repair job.

So, If your vehicle wrap has been in an accident, call us to schedule a repair date! We promise that you’ll be back to your old mobile marketing ways, fighting against the tyranny of brand invisibility, in no time!


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