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3 Common Vehicle Wrap Design Template Errors to Avoid

Vehicle Wrap Design Template Errors to avoidVehicle wrap design templates are a must for any vehicle wrap professional.  They provide a very realistic canvas to work on, but even these templates have limitations.  Here are 3 of the most common vehicle wrap design template errors to avoid.

1. Overly trusting the design template rendering.  Don't get me wrong here, vehicle wrap templates are great, but they do have some limitations.  One of the biggest challenges is that you are dealing with a 2D template in a 3D world.  For instance, a Ford F650 has a front wheel well that juts out from the vehicle by about a foot.  You can't see that on the template and the printing layout and dimensions need to be adjusted accordingly.

2. Measure Twice, Print Once.  For the most part, vehicle wrap design template measurements are accurate.  To be safe, it is always better to double check the measurements.  It will save you time, money and surprises by doing so.  There is nothing worse than a day-of-install oops!

3. Be wise to the whereabouts of body molding.  They are typically shown as an outline on the vehicle wrap template and not identified as body molding.  For the most part you can just wrap over them, but they vary in dimension and might cause skewing of the graphics or text.

Knowing and being aware of these commons pitfalls will really help to ensure a problem free installation.  When in doubt, partner with a sign company that specializes in vehicle wrap advertising.  They will have explicit knowledge of the body contour and other nuances that you won't find on the templates.

Have a question about vehicle wrap design or wrap templates?  Shoot me a comment.



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