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Super Vehicle Graphics Bowl 1: Steelers vs. Packers

Superbowl XLV should be very exciting, and not just the commercials! The Pittsburgh Steelers vs. those Green Bay Packers.  You probably couldn't argue that there are two teams with richer histories than these. The Steelers have won six superbowls to the Packers very respectable three.  Well this article is not going to be about the matchup's: Roethlisberger vs. Rodgers, or Pittsburgh's Steel Curtain defense vs. Green Bay's high flying offense, but rather whose fan's and team's vehicle graphics are worthy of the bragging rights.  With this I give you....Super Vehicle Graphics Bowl 1: Steelers vs. Packers.

For this competition I did some quick Google image searching for vehicle wraps, car wraps, truck wraps, bus wraps, and vehicle graphics for each team.  Here is what I found:

Pittsburgh Steelers

steelers truck wrap

steelers van

steelers bus

steelers semi

steelers plane

Green Bay Packers

packers bus

packers golf cart

And the winner of Super Vehicle Graphics Bowl 1 is The Pittsburgh Steelers! Their fan driven truck wrap was super creative! They even had bus, trailer, and airplaine graphics!  I couldn't say the same for the Packers as I was hardly able to come up with anything more than a car decal.

Go Steelers and here's to next year hoping my Eagles will be flying to vehicle graphics victory, and NO that is not me next to that car!

eagles car wrap

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