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Vehicle Wrap Trends: What are QR Codes and why do I need one?

vehiclw wrap company qr codeRecently, I published a blog article on how much information should be included on a vehicle wrap design.  After further consideration, I would now consider including a QR code as part of the essential business information.

So what exactly are QR Codes and why do I need one on my next vehicle wrap, site sign, window graphics, or vinyl banner? QR stands for quick response code and is essentially a type of barcode that hyperlinks to an embedded web site page.  Already wildly popular in Japan and Europe, a viewer of your QR would use their mobile phone to take a quick picture of the code (using QR Code reading software), then be redirected to the corresponding website, Facebook fan page, or YouTube channel.  You may have seen these codes starting to pop up in magazine ads and other print materials.  Now they are making their way into large format media, such as vehicle wraps, billboards, and other signs.

The great thing about these codes is their versatility.  You might use a QR code on your plumbing business vehicle to direct the viewer to your online appointment scheduling website or perhaps to a webpage that includes a coupon offer. Once you are on to your next promotion, your sign and wrap company can simply print and apply the new code.  Perhaps this one directs the viewer to become a fan of your facebook fan page.  Another use may be for contractor's site signs, directing them to a gallery of pictures. The possibities are virtually endless.

So whether you already have a lettered vehicle or are looking to create a billboard on wheels with a vehicle wrap, ask us about adding a QR code to the design.

QR Codes have exploded due to smart phone growth

qr code with camera resized 600

Perhaps overkill, but will definitely get noticed

qr code on vehicle wrap

While not pretty, QR Codes can compliment your vehicle wrap marketing

qr code vehicle wrap

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free qr code marketing kit

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