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Vehicle Wraps 101: How much information should I include on my wrap?

Decisions, decisions. Some people are very good at making them, others need a little hand holding (like me), and that's okay.  The area that I see a lot of folks fret about is how much information to list on their vehicle wrap.  I get it. You, as a business owner, have a lot to say.

Here is what is I recommend; no less.

  • Your business name and logo - Both should be larger than all other copy.  It is the business logo which is your identity, and for all purposes, the core of your branding efforts. Make it stand out along with your name so that it is easily recognized when someone sees your vehicle wraps, signs, and print collaterals.
  • Phone number - List your businesses main phone number.  If possible a vanity number to make it easy to remember.  For us, it's 877-54-SIGNS.
  • Website - For the website your have a couple of options. First feel like you can drop off the www.  At this point in our internet driven world, don't feel like it is necessary to include. Second, like a vanity phone number you may want to do the same for your website. Something like  You get the idea.  This will also allow you to track what traffic is coming from your vehicle wraps.
  • Services - Three is the magic number. I don't care if you your company has twenty products and services. I need you to select no more than three.  The idea here being once again that less is more.  There is very little time for someone speeding by to notice your vehicle wrap. Make the most important information stand out.

Here is an outstanding example of these concepts being implemented by our west coast friends, Iconography Studios. This has always been one of my favorite vehicle wrap designs for its use of of space and simplistic approach.

photo credit: Iconography Studios

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