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Vinyl Banners FAQ's: What are the best materials to use?

Posted on Tue, Nov, 30, 2010

Vinyl banners are an undeniably useful tool for your marketing arsenal. With the right combination of location and design elements, your vinyl banner can make a huge impact. Since vinyl banners can go nearly anywhere and can be made out of a variety of materials, it can be a little confusing to know what material will work the best for your particular needs. To help you on your quest for your perfect vinyl banner, we decided to give you the lowdown on three of the most commonly used banner materials...

vinyl banner material1 resized 600Vinyl: Vinyl banner material is classified by different weights, typically ranging from 9 oz per square yard to 22 oz per square yard. The more your vinyl weighs, the more likely it is to hold up under extreme outdoor conditions. Vinyl banners can be double or single sided and can be printed in a variety of ways. At Sunrise Signs our vinyl banners are typical digitally printed, meaning that we use our large format printers to print directly onto your vinyl material, or they are assembled by sticking adhesive vinyl lettering and graphics onto a piece of material. They can be hung using grommets placed in the corners and are at home just about anywhere. Our vinyl banners can be customized depending on your needs, whether they require heavy vinyl with wind slits for stormy days, or non-waterproof ink for an indoor promotion. You've probably seen vinyl banners in a wide variety of places; used as billboards, in trade shows and streets, and on buildings, fences, and stadiums.

scrim banner materialScrim: Scrim banners are heavy hitters in the world of vinyl banners. Your advertisement or message is printed on a layer of PVC polyester fabric and then laminated in 2 layers of clear vinyl for extra durability and protection. The fabric and vinyl approach makes these banners ideal for advertisements that will be outdoors for long periods of time. Maybe you have a hot winter-long promotion and require a vinyl banner that will last through blustery, blizzardy days, or you want to grab attention for your seasonal summer business regardless of those July thunderstorms. A scrim banner is definitely the way to go in situations where your banner needs to survive the elements! In addition to being tough, these banners are also very attractive, because of the initial layer of printed fabric they tend to move well when caught by the wind, keeping the graphics easy to read even when floating in the breeze.


mesh banner materialMesh: Mesh banners are printed on a fabric material that is composed of tiny holes, which allow wind to pass through the banner without any damage to the banner. As a result, these mesh vinyl banners are great solutions for your outdoor banner needs. There are two really great advantages to using a mesh banner for your advertising or promotional needs. The first is that the perforations in the mesh material don't block out light, meaning that you can use these banners over windows without sacrificing bright natural light inside. The other advantage to mesh vinyl  banners is that they use a semi-solvent ink, which creates bright, long-lasting, water proof colors. In addition to that, the material is flame retardant and resistant to air pollutants, making them great for use in cities. This all adds up to gorgeous graphics that will last through just about anything thrown at them.vinyl banners philadelphia

So there you have it, an introduction or scrim, mesh, and vinyl banners! We hope you're feeling a little more enlightened about vinyl banner material, but if you still have questions don't hesitate to contact us at any time! If we've helped you make up your mind about what kind of banner your business can benefit from, you can start the process by getting your FREE quote today!

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