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When You Need a Custom Vehicle Wrap Template

vehicle wrap design philadelphiaWe are often asked how we know what size to print the graphics for a vehicle wrap.  There is no big secret that a vehicle wrap designer will use a vehicle wrap template.  Yes, wrap designers are a little specialized in their field, but if they have the right templates they can usually learn.  If you have an interest in cars, though, you might realize very quickly, like we did, that there are billions of makes, models and special editions of each vehicle. So, what happens when there isn’t a template?


As a rule of thumb, once you engage us to wrap your vehicle, we ask the make, model and year.  If special modifications have been made, we’ll have you bring in the vehicle a few days early so we can measure every nook and cranny.  That means, we physically make our own template.  That’s right, our wrap design services include template creation when necessary. 


You might need a custom vehicle template in a few scenarios:

  1. If your vehicle is a much older make and model we might not have a template. A few bus wraps and trailer wraps we’ve helped with required their own templates.  Simply, if a model was discontinued 20 years ago there is no similar make for us to go by.  Likewise, many classic car wraps do not have templates.  For a matte black wrap, we would just guess at the amount of material needed to get you in the ballpark.
  2. Special sport packages may require some finagling.  The spoiler or other additions to the standard wrap template have to be accounted for. 
  3. Specially modified vehicles are a very common wrap design issue.  Simply, the design is usually decided and then modified during the wrap printing to fit the modification.  Recently, a Ford Transit Wrap required us to modify the vehicle branding to account for a water tap cover on the passenger’s side of the vehicle.


If you are considering a specialized vehicle wrap in Philadelphia or New Jersey, be sure your wrap design company has the ability to create or modify the vehicle template for you.  The Sunrise wrap design team loves making the best of these challenges.  Especially if you’re the owner of a nice old rusty bus.



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