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Truck Wrap Project Spotlight: Amerispec home inspection Services

Meet Ed Mitchell. Owner of the AmeriSpec Home Inspection Services franchise of South Jersey. Ed is the proud new owner of a partial vehicle wrap for his Ford f250 truck. Ed, who was previously a home builder for 12 years, wanted a wrap that would both advertise his critical business information, and also convey visually the type of services he offered. Our design team went to work and came up with two different vehicle wrap design concepts. Visually the team decided on illustrating a house with a large magnifying glass hovering on it to represent the detail that Ed employs with his home inspections. Ed quickly knew which concept he liked, and after a couple minor revisions, we scheduled him in for the vehicle wrap installation.

After meeting Ed and spending some time with him, I wouldn't hesitate to say that he is one of our most unique clients to date.  Normally here at Sunrise, customers will either drop their vehicles off, and get a ride to the office, or they will use our remote office location for the day, which is equipped with a desk, internet access, coffee, and beverages.  Everything but the kitchen sink!

But Ed is different. When I asked him if he planned on staying, he said no thank you. Ed, do you have someone picking you up? Nope.  Can I offer you a ride? No thanks, I have one. And he proceeded to show me his bike. I should have picked up on the riding gear he was wearing, but I'm a little slow that way sometimes. Ed was biking it home 20 miles, and then 20 miles back. You see Ed is an avid cyclist.  He recently completed the Livestrong Challenge Philly, which is a 100 mile long bike race and purpose is to inspire and empower people who are affected by cancer.

Although I didn't initially realize that Ed was a cyclist, it was easy to tell that Ed and AmeriSpec of South Jersey will ride the miles for their customers to ensure a thorough home inspection.

Ed, his bike, and his newly wrapped vehicle

amerispec nj

The partial truck wrap - side view

home inspector wraps

Rear liftgate wrap

rear liftgate wrap

With both sides and the rear covered, Ed will benefit from the many miles he drives. Maybe he'll let us wrap his bike next!

truck wraps philadelphia

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