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Vehicle Wraps: Why We Recommend Wrapping Indoors?

vehicle wraps new jerseyWho’s hot? I’m hot! (Mostly because the AC is broken at home and it feels like 100 degrees inside and out.)  Part of me can’t wait until those mornings where you wake up with a numb nose because it’s so cold outside the blankets…ahh, winter!  If you’re having a vehicle wrapped, you must be wondering if it’s affected by the crazy weather as much as you are.  Also, how does the heat or cold effect your vehicle wrap installation.  You are hitting on the reasons an indoor car wrap installation is preferred.

When it is too hot, vinyl becomes sticky and stretchy.  Think of it as a marshmallow you left in the sun too long. You simply can’t smear it onto a vehicle.  In the cold, vinyl becomes brittle and hard to stretch. Even when heated and applied, the vinyl might shrink in the cold once installed, causing gaps around the edges of, say, a window. For perfect install, we prefer to stay between about 55 to 75 degrees. A bit warmer or cooler doesn’t make a huge difference depending on humidity and/or wind. (Ok, ok, if a van is coming to our facility, this doesn’t matter anyway since we install solely indoors, but in the event we come to you, those are the factors to consider!)

We prefer an indoor facility for our installs. This accomplishes two things. For one, you are guaranteed your install date.  Even if it’s raining or freezing, we can still easily wrap your vehicle.  For many businesses, even the larger ones, they cannot afford to have their vehicle off the road for more than a day. Second, well, the weather is fickle. It’s really hard to determine if a rain storm or heat wave will affect the install.  So, if you are the kind of business that can’t ‘go with the flow’ make sure you’re choosing a vehicle wrap installer that won’t be affected by temperature.


Our climate controlled installation facility allows us to "weather" any environment!

vehicle wrapping new jersey


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