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Vehicle Wraps 101: What is the true cost of Wrap Advertising?

Posted on Wed, Jun, 23, 2010

If I had a nickel for every time I was asked "What does it cost for a vehicle wrap?".... That's okay, as a Vehicle Wrap Advertising company, we expect and look forward to answering the question.  Some people ask it because they are shopping around, but most ask because they generally don't know the answer. With that person in mind, here is the skinny on pricing and true vehicle wrapping costs.
When I say "true costs", I am referring not to the cost of wrapping the vehicle.  The cost of wrapping the vehicle pretty much depends on the size of the vehicle being wrapped and whether we are completing a partial or full wrap. Partial wraps range from $1300-$2500, with Full wraps at about $2000-$4000.
The true cost of wrapping a vehicle, whether it be a car, van, truck, or trailer is all about advertising impressions. Arbitron Inc, a leading international media and marketing research firm serving outdoor media, radio broadcasters, cable companies, advertisers and advertising agencies in the United States and Europe measures costs per 1000 advertising impressions. You will see in the chart below that a recent study completed by Arbitron shows how vehicle wraps compare in terms of achieving one thousand advertising impressions versus other popular advertising mediums.
Vehicle Wraps Philadelphia South Jersey
Pretty impressive numbers! Another way of looking at the numbers would be impressions per spend. For this example we'll use an investment of $5000. Here is that investment would breakdown: Vehicle Wraps 14.2 million advertising impressions; Outdoor signage 1.4 million; Radio 645,000 all the way down to TV at 210,000. This is just another way to show you how to measure the reach of your wrap advertising. This is the true cost of vehicle wrap advertising.
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