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Trailer Wraps: How To Create A Billboard On Wheels

Increasingly popular, more and more contractors and tradesman are pulling enclosed trailers along for the ride each day.  Known as "Franklin" trailers, these economical solutions evolved from horse and race team trailers. Fantastic for storage of equipment and tools, there's something else these trailers provide: mobile advertising.  With the potential of 50,000 advertising impressions per day in a metro market like Philadelphia, trailer wraps are a very cost effective way to grow your business.

Here are two common types:

Trailer Wraps: Like the name suggests, trailer wrapping is the art of designing and installing vinyl printed graphics that will turn any enclosed trailer into a rolling work-of-art.  Your company's branding and message will be combined with emotion evoking graphics. This solution has a longevity of 4-5 years. Figure to spend roughly $2-3 dollars a day for this solution.

Full Trailer Wrap

ASC Solar Trailer Wrap Graphics

Promowraps or Temporary Trailer Advertising Solutions: Vinyl technology is now allowing the sides of pull behind trailers to be used and advertised just like billboards.  These promowraps are temporary, lasting 3-4 months (before the full color graphics begin to fade.) Now contractors have the ability to advertise seasonally or advertise specials. For example, landscapers can have a promowrap installed which advertises for grass cutting, with a free lawn cut.  The promowrap would include images of a meticulously manicured lawn along with their branding and contact phone number.  Once their season begins, the promowrap can then be easily changed to the next promotion. Think of it like a val-pack mailer on steroids.

Promowraps - Temporary Trailer Advertising

Promowrap along side Trailer Graphics

Temporary Trailer Wraps Graphics

Full Trailer Promowrap Graphics

Stephens Exterminating Full Temporary Wrap Graphics

Both of these trailer wrap solutions will focus eyes on your business wherever your trailer is rolling in Philadelphia, South Jersey, or Delaware.  Happy trails to you!

Does your business advertise seasonally?  What would you advertise on your mobile billboard? We'd love your feedback.

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