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The Lowdown on Lobby Signs

We love lobby signs! Not just that ‘ooh ahh’ feeling when we visited our local vet (who had a beautifully artistic plastic logo letter ensemble) but the confidence that they had invested in their brand.  If you’re thinking about a lobby sign and aren’t sure what direction you want to take, here’s a little low down:


-Lobby Signs are almost exclusively a logo sign that is constructed of plastic (including PVC, acrylic or molds), foam or metal (including brass, stainless steel, aluminum and brushed gold.)  Many will incorporate a mixture of these media to produce a ‘puzzle’ effect.  For example, you might choose a brushed aluminum background, then place acrylic letters on the flat surface. For a faded or photorealistic image (that might be part of a logo), a digital print is applied over the face of the letter.


-Lobby Signs are mounted using screws, a very high bond tape or stand-offs. A stand off will help your logo sign stand away from the wall and give it more dimension.  Stud mounted letters produce a similar effect but are typically used on the back of metal letters.  Consider foam backing an interior letter if you’d like it to pop, but aren’t keen on dozens of holes in the wall.


-The most popular lobby sign we do is usually plastic letters mounted directly to the wall.  Typically, the custom business logo of a company is used. Often, a tagline might be added.  Many law and insurance firms choose metal letters for a more upscale effect.  If you own a veterinary practice, or daycare, however, it’s a good idea to stick with plastic molded letters; they are an informal fun look more aligned with you corporate logo.


Vinyl Lettering is an alternative to plastic or metal letters. Just keep in mind that vinyl is not always receptive to the new fangled anti-mold/latex additives in many paints, especially those with high pigment content. If you’re looking for a lobby sign in New Jersey or Philadelphia, we can certainly help you sort through the technicalities.  If you’re having the sign shipped to you, though, it’s best to stay away from vinyl letters on any brightly colored surface. 


If you still have questions, I welcome your comments! I know the whole process can be a bit daunting. So, remember, we’re here to help “spell” it out for you.


Digital Print on Laser Cut Acrylic Letters


Logo Lobby  Sign

Laser Cut Acrylic on Clear Acrylic using Stand-off's 

stand off acrylic

Laser cut Acrylic on Brush Aluminum using Stand-off's 

acrylic on aluminum  standoffs
  • Cast Metal Letters

Brushed Aluminum



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