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Does Your Jeep, RAM or ProMaster Qualify for the On-the-Job Vehicle Graphics Rebate?

RAM ProMaster On the Job Vehicle Graphics Rebate

Sunrise Signs was one excited vehicle graphics company when it found the Jeep, Dodge and RAM lines of Chrysler were adding a graphics rebate to some of their models. What does that mean if you’re shopping for a new RAM truck, Dodge or Jeep product? Up to $1,000 in graphics—that’s what! We’ll outline some of the eligibility requirements here!

Yes You Can Be the Winner in Dueling Ad Campaigns!

Dueling Ad Campaigns

Do you own a pizza parlor and are out of ideas on how to beat the guy up the road who also sells pizza? Maybe you own a plumbing company and for some reason that plumber in the next county is getting all the jobs in your area? Sears and JC Penney are always one-upping one another with super savings and super discounts all via strong marketing but for the smaller entrepreneur, how can you be the winner in a dueling ad campaign?

Power Branding: Do Vehicle Graphics Have the Pavlov Dog Effect?

Power Branding with Vehicle Graphics

Who doesn’t remember learning about Ivan Petrovich Pavlov’s saliva experiment with dogs? Ring a bell and condition dogs that the bell means food comes next was innovative research for its time. Just the ringing of that bell produced Pavlov’s ultimate goal—salivation from the dogs—they wanted, expected and received food. These dogs were “conditioned” and “emotional” about that bell because they knew it meant something and in turn, the bell became a “brand” to these animals. Vehicle graphics also have this effect, especially when it comes to power branding.

Top 5 Branding Problems and How to Fix Them

5 Branding Problems and how to fix them

It doesn’t matter whether you own a small, medium or large enterprise—at some point you may find yourself thinking: “What happened to our brand?” or “Where did we go wrong?” Believe it or not, these are questions every size business faces. Here, Sunrise Signs looks at the top five branding problems and how to repair them—fast!

5 Most Common Misconceptions About Vehicle Wraps

5 Misconceptions about Vehicle Wraps

It’s time to put all the falsehoods you've heard or read about vehicle wraps to rest!  Misconceptions like, they are too expensive or will fade, peel and crack. That window perf doesn’t last as long as the vinyl used on the body of vehicles—and even that they are only good for businesses with vehicles that are constantly on the road. Here, we topple these not-so-trues and give you the facts.

Sunrise Signs Presents Our 10 Best Car Wrap Designs

Scion xb car wraps

Vehicle wraps and graphics are hot—there’s no doubt about that. The designs are limitless and gone are the days of boring graphics based on type of industry—a flag, a small logo or a peeling decal. Today’s designs include product images, matching fonts and typography, exact color matching and graphics that grab the attention of everyone that sees them.

Justin Pate: How to Successfully Get Started in the Vehicle Wrap Business

Interview with Vehicle Wrap Installer Justin Pate

Justin Pate is one of the rare individuals who has mastered the art and science of vehicle wrapping to such an extent that his name has garnered international acclaim in the field. Justin started out in 1996 in New York City and has become an Avery Specialist and certified 3M graphics installer/instructor, . In the span of 16 years, he has wrapped more than 3,000 vehicles and invented a car-wrapping platform that allows him to do much of the work by himself.

Putting Your Business Logo on Vehicles Is the Best Way to Advertise Your Company

Business logo on vehicles

Your marketing arsenal isn’t working. Last year, you relied upon ad reps to tell you where to spend your budgeted advertising dollars and now this year, you’re wondering if the same plan of attack is still wise. Sunrise Signs is here to tell you that while nobody likes change, it’s good to switch things up a bit, especially if you plan on beating your competitors this year. This is the year to put your business logo on vehicles—every vehicle in your fleet!

Philadelphia Contractor Advertising Laws: Do They Apply to Vehicle Wraps?

Philadelphia Contractor Advertising Laws

In 2008, the State of Pennsylvania got a little stricter with contractor rules and regulations—especially when it comes to advertising. The Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act (HICPA) was signed into law in January of 2009 and since then, many contractors—especially those of an independent nature still don’t quite understand how the law applies to them.

25 Awesome Shareable Ideas for Branding the RAM ProMaster Van with Vehicle Wrap Graphics!

Ram ProMaster vehicle wraps for franchise owners

The all new RAM ProMaster van is one great vehicle for contractors, franchises and fleets! With its sleek European look, the RAM ProMaster van delivers tons of cargo space and is available in three models: the 1500, 2500 and 3500. RAM also offers a window van in the 2500 trim model. Available wheel bases are 118, 136 and 159-inches depending on model and the 1500 model is available with a low or high roof where the 2500 and 3500 models come with the higher roof—awesome as a work or cargo van.

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