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4 Ways Service Contractors Can Use Social Media Pages to Generate Leads

Ways service contractor use social media to gain leads

How often you nurture your social media accounts is just as important as having great website content and 100 percent original content blog posts. Still, many service contractors feel once set up, these pages manage themselves and require little attention. Here we offer four ways contractors can use social media to help generate even more leads.

Create Buyer Personas for Your Plumbing Contractor Website

Plumbing contractor online marketing

One of the most essential elements of inbound marketing is creating buyer personas. According to Hubspot, a leader in using your website as a sales tool, if you first define buyer personas you can then target them on a different level—and turn your website content, email marketing, offers and landing pages into online selling tools.

3 Things Home Remodeling Contractors Can Learn from Women’s Fashion Websites

Inbound marketing tips for contractors

The contractor industry is vast and covers many areas of work, products and applications. Home remodeling is big business in the U.S. And, on the cutting edge of this industry is learning how to use online marketing to get consumers to choose your business. Sound hard? Here we look at some tips these contractors can learn from women’s fashion websites.

Need Help with Your Contractor Inbound Marketing Strategy?

Contractor inbound marketing strategy

Recently, we’ve posted quite a few blogs on how contractor websites can do much more to aid consumers in their buyer’s journey. A website must be helpful, trustworthy and credible. This is especially true for contractors because very often, like auto dealers, contractors get a bad rap. This negative consumer attitude comes from many sources such as Google reviews, Yelp, social media postings on your business pages, and even local and national news reports. This is why it’s essential to develop an contractor inbound marketing strategy that not only gains leads but also provides real solutions to defined target market wants and needs.

Is Your Contractor Website Optimized for the Buyer’s Journey?

Does Your Contractor Website Lead on the Buyer's Journey

When consumers in the areas you serve look for contractor services—residential or commercial—the have a very distinct starting point. In fact, Forbes Magazine says buyers are consuming on the average 10.5 pieces of website content before making a buying decision. If this is true, your contractor website needs to be optimized for the buyer’s journey and that means lots of content—and more.

Consumer Buying Habits Have Changed: Has Your Electrical Contractor Website?

Consumers buying habits have changed, how to change your contractor website

Consumers aren’t buying things the way they used to anymore and that includes contractor services for homes, offices or design/build firms. Think about how your father, uncle or grandfather purchased vehicles in the past. They went to dealerships, talked to a salesperson, maybe took some test drives, collected some brochures and returned home to figure out which vehicle was best for their needs. Consumer buying habits have changed, however, and that means your electrical contractor website has to catch up to the 21st Century.

7 Annoying Things About Your Contractor Website That Make Visitors Crazy

Contractor website tips

Sci-Fi author William Gibson once said, “When you want to know how things really work, study them when they’re coming apart.” The same could be said for your contractor website, especially if visits are poor, blogs aren’t being read and visitors click away as fast as they can. There are things about your contractor website that make visitors crazy and here, we’ll look at seven of them.

3 Calls to Action to Gain Leads From Your Plumbing Contractor Website

How to Gain Leads From Your Plumbing Contractor Website

It’s time to step into the 21st Century and start making your website work for you. You can gain leads from your plumbing contractor website smartly. If you do it correctly, you’ll be walking potential clients through the buying process today’s consumers are now trained to follow. One of the best ways is to take advantage of calls to action (CTAs). Below are three effective examples.

4 Ways to Nurture Your Contractor Website Leads: Not Everyone Is the Same!

How to nurture your contractor website leads

As long as your contractor’s website is making good use of landing pages, blogs and original content, you will get leads, especially from those calls to action where potential clients complete a form and hit that submit button. But what’s the best way to nurture your contractor website leads because after all, some clients may want the bottom line where others need some hand-holding.

4 Reasons Why Consumers Aren’t Reading Your Contractor Blogs

Reasons consumers aren't reading your contractor blogs

What’s in a blog? Words that cover a topic interesting enough to make visitors want to read it, learn from it and share it. What a blog is not is a sales pitch, a discount offer or a place to tell the world how great your contractor business is. Blogs are part of the buyer’s journey, but if you only look at your blog as space on your website, you’re not using them to your advantage.

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